One place, one family

In 1959, Herman and Marjan Lyppens opened the shop in the Langebrugsteeg. Herman displayed his jewellery collection on orange boxes from the greengrocer across the street. His collection consisted of seven rings.



A treasure trove in Amsterdam

The shop is beginning to take shape. A great amount of time and effort is put into both the business and the customers. Eventhough the number of customers are increasing, personal attention remains the most important part of the service offered at Lyppens. The first changes are also taking place regarding the shop’s interior. After all, the personal living space can become a bit smaller if this means that the display case will become bigger.



The golden duo

In 1998, Joost and his wife Willemijn take over the business. The shop continues to grow and the workshop moves one floor up to the former family living room.

“He is the charmer who immediately connects with people, she is the strong and dedicated woman who makes the tough decisions.” Metro, 2016


From shopping to experience

At Lyppens, it is like waiting at your favourite bakery for your freshly baked loaf of bread on a Saturday morning. The customers are already waiting in line to purchase an antique diamond ring, red coral necklace or a stunning piece of silver cutlery. Today, the shop boasts a bustling atmosphere with customers crowding the counter and staff flying up and down the steep, narrow stairs in search of that special something.


Ready for the future

A new interior, a new corporate identity and a new website. The old trusted values will never disappear, but we are continuously creating new ways in which to indulge our customers.