From insurance to sales

At Lyppens we can value your gold and silver objects, gemstones and all types of jewellery. We work with a fixed team of experienced appraisers, according to the conditions of the Federation of appraisers, real estate agents and auctioneers (TMV). The valuation takes place in our shop. It is also possible to carry out a valuation at your home. For this service we charge a rate of € 100.00 per hour, including VAT. Please contact us via telephone to make an appointment.

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Valuables insurance

Valuation is based on the replacement value of your valuables

In order to take out a valuables insurance you must be able to present a valuation report in accordance with Article 7.960 of the Dutch Civil Code. This valuation is based on replacement value.

Home contents insurance

Valuation of your household goods and/or valuable items

In order to take out a home contents insurance, a valuation report of your household goods and / or valuable items may be required. This valuation is also based on replacement value.

execution or succession

A valuation based on inheritance value

If you do not want to pay more than what the tax authorities are entitled to, a valuation report can be drawn up based on the inheritance value.

Distribution of inheritance

Division of an inheritance among beneficiaries

A valuation report can be useful when it comes to the division of inheritance among the beneficiaries, in order to avoid any disagreement between the parties. The valuation in this case is based on the current market value.

Current market value and sales

A valuation report based on current market value

We can also produce a valuation report based on current market value or sales of jewellery.

The general terms and conditions of the Dutch Jeweller and Clockwork industry can be found here.