Lyppens has its own large workshop above the shop where ourmaster gold and silversmithsrestore, modify and design all kinds of jewellery and pieces of silverware.

own collection

Exclusive handmade pieces in the Langebrugsteeg

A number of our goldsmiths and designers create handmade jewellery exclusively for Lyppens, each piece characterized by their creative design skills and attention to detail.


From drawing board to 3D design

Based on descriptions, a design or an image, we can work together to create a first draft of your ideas. After careful consultation and a thorough price quotation, we will start bringing your ideas to life and present you with a very detailed 3D design. Before we deliver a final product, it is provided with the Lyppens maker’s mark and the required hallmarks.

sginet rings

Create your legacy

Most of our signet rings are custom-made and specially designed according to the wishes of the customer. There are many different models and stones to choose from. Once the ring has been made, it is viewed and tried on by the customerin our shop. If everything is as desired, we send the ring to our engraverto engrave a coat of arms, monogram, logo or own image and design


Something to celebrate?

At Lyppens we also offer lectures for groups. Whilst enjoying a snack and a drink, you will attend a lecture and be given a tour of the building. The lectures are given by an art historian with an expertise in jewellery. We have space for up to fifteen people. The cost of a lecture is between € 100, – and € 200, – per group depending on the number of people attending. It is advisable to make an appointment via email at least four weeks in advance.